Identical identicons


Is it just me, or do a lot of people without a custom avatar suddenly look like this:


Profile Icon

I think it might be a cache problem, since all the new people I click on have a unique picture again.

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Same problem. My picture/avatar has also vanished.


Yup, I see your one as well…


On the main site right not the forums? My avatar/icon changed to that as well it seems - I didn’t have a custom one.


I had a custom avatar, but am now also, or at least seem to be, a pixellated frog.

Is it bad that I slightly prefer the pixellated frog?

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What I see is a space invader:

But I want my Bonobo avatar back!

And this forum page crashes when I try to tag anoek :-o could one of you please try?

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me too

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yep does seem to be stalling heavily when you try to tag someone not in the thread. Also yeah kind of looks likes a spaceship to me, although the frog was funny, hadn’t noticed it :slight_smile:

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Ok, things got weirder. This is my game against drifterwolf (can’t tag them), as can be seen in the chat, but the name cards say it’s against joellercoaster…?

Here’s links to my drifterwolf game and my joellercoaster game. Reloading made it disappear, but what’s going on?

Does anyone else experience this?


On the other hand, the space invaders seem to have departed!

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I’m still a space invader…

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You might have to re-upload Orbitaleccentric, sorry. But the issue should be hopefully fixed.

This should (again hopefully) be an unrelated issue, that seems to happen every once in a blue moon, unless it happens again or something I would not worry about it :slight_smile:

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Back to normal - didn’t need to re-upload.