Identify these games!

Ok! I’ve seen posts on OGS before posting games and asking you to identify the players strength type (Guess rank game)

I believe this is much easier to guess compared to the original “Guess Rank Game” because, you have to pick a rank from 9d to 30k, here we already have the specific answers, we only have to match them correctly

Below are games i found on OGS, i believe they are all correspondence games if anyone is wondering

Anyways, the goal of this game is to identify players strength of each game

Game ranks include (9d, 5d, 3d, 1k, 6k, 10k)
Total of 6 games

oh and feel free to discuss why you decide that game is of specific strength
for example: Game 1 is a 9d game because move 11 is clearly a clever tesuji of pro reading only!

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5

Game 6


Interesting! But I don’t think I can identify games if I’m worse than the players involved, can I? wink wink

I'll take a stab

9d: Game 3
5d: Game 5
3d: Game 6
1k: Game 4
6k: Game 2
10k: Game 1


@HHG, weren’t you an SDK at some point? Unlike me who has never been above a 12k( and is currently a 19k)

Eh, I was too concerned about rank.


Try anyway! It’s fun. And we’re all worse than at least some of these players. Not only that, part of improving is knowing what good play looks like, and that’s a skill that improves with practice. So give it a go! That means you @HHG and you @Haze_with_a_Z.


My one guess

Game 2

This is the 10ks because they don’t know how to score and 10k is the worst option. I would think that 10ks would know how to score. One example is b3. That is dead. It was marked alive(either that or I just don’t know 19x19 good enough. It wasn’t resignation, and if there was a false score, it would probably be the 10k, especially since the only reason I could think of a 9d or a 5d trying to do this would be score cheating.

Sorry but they went to normal scoring

Game Score

White won by 2.5

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Game 3-1k


Game 1-6k


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Why does half the board not count as territory then?

Or is this just me not knowing how to score. If that is the case, I don’t think that I would be a good person to try and guess these games.

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I'm pretty sure
  • Game 1 is 10k (well my close friend is 11k so…)
  • Game 2 is 6k
I suspect
  • Game 3 is 1k
  • Game 5 is 5d
Totally no idea

Game 4 and 6

The higher level games are hard to guess, one part because well they’re stronger than me, and also because time settings seems to be different greatly between games.

For example Game 5 looks like a very fast blitz game to me. This is the issue, if it’s indeed blitz then both of them are way stronger than me, but if it is not then suddenly a lot of moves looks questionable.


I just went and look up that game, and game 5 lasted 20+days
Like I mentioned I believed they are all correspondence games

Game 5(with my not great reasoning)

I will guess that game 5 is the 9d because who else resigns that early?

some people after losing a big group just resigns
while some people struggles and overplays like a madman and hope to make a comeback

fighting spirit is the deciding factor, rank doesn’t correlate to fighting spirit
also sometimes big groups that died can come back to life thru killing the outside stones
some find it hopeless and move on to the next game


maybe because i modified the game comments out and the game info out of the game
causing the scoring to mess up
anyway, next time you’re wondering about the score or what not, just click estimate score

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My guess
10k Game 1
6k Game 2
1k Game 5
3d Game 3
5d Game 4
9d Game 6

In reply to Haze_with_a_Z

That’s why I chose 1k: a 9d would have seen earlier that they had just lost the whole group.


Well I judged that based on the fact that I would only resign the game if I was going to timeout(absolute time) or if I was resigning from a tournament to get my game total down. I know that others don’t do this, and so I thought it would be the opposite of me. I thought it was just something that was learned over time.

That is rigged(my quotes)

So I’m alone in thinking that game 3 is a dan game? The opening is a corner-focused contemporary AI style (actually, the players could be AI). The upper right is trying hard to avoid flying knife variations and come out with sente, which Black took even though nearly all kyu players would stop “hane at the head of two” and play L17 without thinking. Then White tries to prevent flying knife variations in the lower left because the ladders all favor Black. Besides the opening, many tenukies look pro- or bot-like (22-26, 63-73, 132-144, to name a few). And Black didn’t miss the driving tesuji at 95-97. All this suggested to me a very high level game.


when i first saw the game, i thought 97 would be played at d15 instead of d14, took a bit reading to see that d15 doesn’t really work, and d14 is sente
also for move 87 i would’ve played at e15 to forcefully make it work

I thought it was a dan game, though at a different level.

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