If you could study a new language to learn more about go, which one would you choose?

I disagree slightly. Studying a programming language doesn’t directly improve your game of go, but it does greatly improve your abstract thinking and problem solving abilities. It is surprising how often you can apply those skills to non-programming situations. I’m pretty sure some of the heuristics are almost directly applicable to go problems.


Despite being called “languages”, programming languages are very different from human languages. The former is about instructing a machine to perform tasks, while the latter is at the core of human interaction. Hence, it seems to be quite off-topic to jump from asking about one to making suggestions about the other.

However, while we’re meandering, here are some other off-topic suggestions that could have indirect benefits for improving one’s understanding of go:

  • Playing/studying other abstract board games or puzzles (like chess or sudoku)
  • Regularly exercising and sleeping well (since both of these have been shown to produce cognitive benefits)
  • Quit drinking, smoking, and/or abusing other harmful substances (for the health and cognitive benefits)
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I’m not arguing that they are the same kind of language, I’m just disagreeing with your statement that learning a programming language is not helpful for learning more about go. In my opinion learning a programming language might be more useful than learning an East-Asian language.

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Unless of course after you learn an East Asian language you start to watch go reviews/games and or read go books in that language.

After learning a programming language at best maybe you’ve replicated leela zero, fine art etc and have it teach you. Then maybe it’ll help you get better at go.

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