Ignore Function in the Forum

hi there.

I think an Ignore/Block Function is missing on the Forum, or did I overlook it?

Hmmm yes and no, really…

You can “mute” any thread by clicking this button at the end of it.

You can also mute a user by going to your profile then preferences then notifications.

There is a text box for muting users, but it just means you will never get notifications about their posts (even if they say @mention you), but if you stumble upon it by accident you will be able to see it and chose to read or not read it.

If you super care about such a function you can look here and voice your opinion on official discourse forums: https://meta.discourse.org/t/will-discourse-ever-gain-ignore-user-functionality/1525/42

But I am not sure something will come of it, it has been a long discussed topic with no resolution so far.


You can block notifications of a specific user in
Preferences -> Notifications

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Well if they did implement that feature, they’d also have to change the name.

Perhaps to something like… FilterBubble, EchoChamber… :smiley:

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Yup, here:

But as @AdamR said, it apparently only stops the notifications.

BUT if anybody’s comments or posts are really annoying, or insulting, or just off-topic, I recommend using the “Flag” feature, click the three dots under a post/comment:
and then this:
and then you see a few options for flagging a post or comment: