Igo clubs in Japan - how do I get in touch with them?

According the Baduk.club map, there is a club, but there’s only 1! That’s very unlikely because go is more popular in Japan than in the U.S., I presume. (Does anyone have the data?). I would like to get some go-related posters in Japanese, so I would like to email the go clubs in Japan to see if any of them would be willing to share, but… how do I get in touch with them?


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I have some experience with Japanese go clubs, having lived in Japan for a year in 1990/1991 and having toured some 20 Japanese cities/towns in 2016, visiting a go club in each of those.

Yes, there are many go clubs in Japan, but I think those are quite different to go clubs in the West.
Go clubs in Japan are more like small local (sole proprietor) businesses, often run by a middle-aged or elderly person, who is usually a high dan player/teacher. Visitors are customers who typically pay some 5-10 dollars to play a couple of games with whoever is present (possibly the owner themselves).

I expect that in general, communicating with Japanese go club owners in English via email won’t be easy. Those go club owners may not be the most digitally skilled people, nor the most proficient in English. I think it will be a bigger challenge than someone from the US getting in contact with a local artisanal patisserie in a small French town.


Maybe google map may help?

Exactly what @gennan said.

I learned go in Japan and visit the Tokyo-Yokohama area for long periods on a semi-regular basis. Go clubs here are more like small businesses. There are other types as well, like Go clubs in schools, municipal community centers or run by local seniors that want to educate the youth, but in all cases, they would be difficult to communicate with.

If you’re looking for locations, they are called 碁会所 (link to Google map).

This is just a portion of them.