IGS server questions

Hi, First time on the forum.

  1. Is there a forum like this for IGS? I haven’t found it.

  2. Can someone here answer questions for IGS like, how to I set preferences related to playing options. I’ve only found a limited set and other players clearly have made further choices than I am able to.

That’s all for now. Cheers!

They have a “social network plaza” but not a forum that I am aware of. I have not explored the social network plaza too much, honestly I’m more interested in playing, but I’m under the impression that it’s Pandanet’s version of Facebook.


Hi, Thanks for the response. Yes, I’ve visited the Plaza. I’m just interested in playing, too, but I’m trying to learn how to set my playing options.

BTW, is this question in the right part of the forum?

It is now :stuck_out_tongue:


IMO This is one of the reasons why OGS is a preferable place to play. From time to time we complain about “lack of documentation”, but by and large we make up for this with a friendly helpful community that is easy to access.

I could never make head or tails of the IGS “Social Network Plaza”.

So my own answer to “how to I do xxx on IGS?” is "don’t bother, do it at OGS instead’.

The only exception is playing bots. It’s preferrable to get practice playing bots at IGS, because then those games don’t mess up your OGS game history :smiley: