I'm "all in" move choice for conditional moves

I get the impression the most people read this as “I do not remember the ko” but I interpreted as “I don’t want to fight the ko”


No, I do not! :wink: If you had said “sometimes there are lots of ko threats but they’re all smaller than the ko itself so I am ready to win the ko no matter which threat the opponent plays”, then fair enough. But if you really do mean “I don’t have the guts to fight the ko so I’m going to wimp out and win the ko even if my opponent plays a bigger threat” :yum: then… No, no! Naughty, naughty! You cannot run away from a ko fight like a coward! You must be brave and stand your ground until it’s just not worth it anymore! :rofl:

Firstly, your tone is FAR too aggressive. People can play however they want. You cannot dictate their play or make negative accusations against their character!

Secondly, in corr if you have several turns ongoing it can be easy to forget that you’re fighting a ko and accidentally play away from it naturally rather than taking back the ko, winning the ko, or making a sizable threat elsewhere.

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It was a joke :roll_eyes:

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You gave absolutely NO distinguishing textuel features to indicate that in any way.
no funny emotes…
no /s (sarcasm) or /j (joke) to indicate intent…

There is no tone on the internet so you need to be much more careful with your words, as there are people who would seriously make these claims.


Seriously? Who says “Naughty, naughty!” for real? :roll_eyes:

But no offense was meant so post edited to include smileys :innocent:


I totally don’t get this thread.

I can’t understand how it can be that if I’m looking at a ko and thinking “no matter what my opponent does, I am going to play into that next” why could you object that I tell OGS this before my opponent plays? What earthly difference can it make, other than speeding up the next tur?


They seem to be concerned that people will use it so often, that their opponents will start randomly playing game ending “ko threats” at random points throughout the game, hoping to catch them in an unconditional reply that would then become a game ending blunder…

But, surely this could never be so prevalent as to outweigh the inherent benefits of the feature being used as intended.


It seems if one forgets they are in a ko battle one is just not playing attention to their play. They deserve to lose ko battle. How is that any less careless than self-atari which I have stopped doing in corr games?


OT, but I just realized it is not possible to react to forum posts with emojis, there is only the like/heart button :frowning:

that’s a good suggestion to put in the appropriate thread…

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I have come to appreciate the argument about “this will cause crazy ataris”.

I can now see the case where the players have established that each are users of conditional moves, and a moment arrives where it is “obvious” what one of them should do next.

When that’s bad for the opponent (IE the known end of a capturing race) the losing player can bet that the opponent will say “no matter what he does I’m going to finish this off”, and so at that time do something else that will be very profitable if the opponent doesn’t respond.

I tend to agree that this situation is likely enough to make the feature questionable.