I'm looking for a teaching game

Hello! Right now I am about a 17kyu player. I think I could benefit a lot just from having some type of a teaching game from a stronger player. It doesn’t need to be a long term thing. Even if I could play one game and have someone push me in the right direction as to what I need to work on would be amazing.

hi zaneme, send me a friend request if you like.

I would be willing to help, as well.

Send me a request for a game.

Same here

I/m somewere between 21-18 ku. And I need the sensey

Maybe not sensey for a long time but someont who could make me a little stable in my way of go)

Hi Zaneme,
I am just a bit stronger. 16kyu. I would be happy to play a teaching game live. We could set a long time limit 45 minutes or so each and discuss moves and strategy while we play. I am on east coast of United States. Best times to play would be between 5:00 and 10:00 evenings or during day on Saturday or Sunday. Send me a reply message and we can work something out.


Happy to play a teaching game. Send me a message some time after 4:30pm EST.