I'm new and looking for a GO teacher

Hello I am relatively new at playing GO (I just have this account for less then a month) and have managed to beat MasterMantis! … twice or thrice out of atleast 43 matches :(.Soooo yeah I would love to learn more about this game and slowly become a competent player at it :).

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Welcome, fellow Go lover, to the wonderful universe of black and white! Glad to hear you have found the motivation to learn more about the game. It is a game that you can never stop playing after you start.

I am not qualified to be a teacher, but I, along with many other kind community members here, am certainly willing to help you on your way. My OGS handle is Issho.

Best of luck on your Go journey!


Challenge me to a correspondence game if you like :slightly_smiling_face:. Id be glad to play.

I’d be happy to play you also, live or correspondance as you prefere

I’d be happy to play you also