I'm new user and player -- how can I set my rating from 20k to 25k or whatever?

Hi there. Thanks for a great site. Unfortunately I wrongly got my rating set to 20k. How can I set it to something lower, e.g. 25k?

Two approaches:

  1. Contact a moderator in the Help chat room.

  2. Play at the current rating. As a Provisional player, you will have little impact on others and your rating will adjust based on your record.


Thanks. I tried just playing at current rating but the problem is the auto-handicap kicks in.

just turn off handicap or set it to 0 when making games, or don’t join games that have auto handicap set. when you hover over a game on the main screen, you can see which ones have handicap set.

I think the best and most efficient way is to report yourself from your profile.

EDIT: bleh there seems to be no “report user” button on ones own profile page :frowning:

For future reference, asking for a rank adjustment in the Help chat channel is the most efficient.

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Gotcha, thanks!