Im very very confused

So my opponent just kept on passing… and that means i was forced to fill in every single square… Then at the last one… He just placed. And took all my pieces… This is simply not fair? How to fix?

Hi,I know what you mean.It happened to me once along time ago and I was left with a very anxious feeling that took along time to go away.I almost quit playing online for that might happen again.It was on another server and I didn’t know how to end the game because he kept passing and disagreeing with the outcome of which he had lost.I had to either lose because of time out for not answering or fill up my territory .His were all spread out with single spaces that I couldn’t play in.After being beaten down with his passing, I just never answered again.Then later I saw him ,or her,playing against someone else so I watched and there he was doing the same thing getting wins that way.At the near end of that game when the victim began to argue with him I jumped in also and gave my support to the person for how wrong he was for doing that to people.At that time there wasn’t moderators that could step in and figure things out.Call the moderators and get him stopped,granted he could just use another alias, I guess.I should never happen again now that you have seen it happen to you-Phcull

You should pass too.

Okay, so to capture pieces, you have to deprive them of all of their liberties (empty spaces next to them). What your opponent did was sit there and let you remove all of your liberties except one, and then he took away that liberty, capturing your group of stones. If he’s doing nothing but passing, then you can end the game whenever you want (both players pass in a row = game over), so all you have to do to win is take some territory and then pass to win.