Images of olden times


I zoomed into it and it looks like these are really holes

Especially since they often are not exactly on the intersections, imprecise punching job, I’d think.

And the coordinates are also “correct” in that they omit the I. Not bad.

But that fumbling?:unamused:


Someone suggested that the heads on those pegs should be a little larger. I was thinking to thumbtacks!


(wwII) Japanese soldiers playing Go [Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison (1957) movie]


Not an image, but an old poem by Ma Rong (?- 166AD) called Go Rhapsody [Wei Qi Fu] beautifully captures many aspects of the game of Go:

First the four corners are occupied
To protect them and influence the sides,
Then along the sides the lines are blocked
So that the scattered stones gaze at one another from afar.
Then come knight’s moves large and small,
Now far apart, now one on one,
As groups jump out in leaps and bounds
And make their way into the centre.
Having escaped they stop and prepare to move:
To fly to left or right?
Where the way is narrow and the enemy more numerous
They will be unable to go far.
But if themselves more numerous yet lacking plans,
They will bunch aimlessly like a flock of sheep
And will forever be on the defensive
As the opponent snaps at them on all sides.
Instead attack where the enemy is overstretched, seek out
his defects
And send thunderbolts crashing in to his vital points.
If there is profit, you will then have time to take it;
If there is opportunity, you can make yourself strong.
But if you are too greedy to capture his stones,
He will break down your walls
And when the dyke bursts it will not be stopped
But will overflow and the flood reach far and wide.