Images of olden times


I’m glad that you like the picture. There are many other styles chessbord pictures.Maybe it will be better that ogs can allow us to upload our own pictures as background of chessboard.


Hm? :slight_smile: squeeze is a series of atari basically that does not result into capture, but ruins opponents shape ( And that comment was not aimed at any game, but at the Misjamig’s picture, where the rulebook seems to propose you should say atari everytime there is one. I found the though of saying atari five times in a row very annoying (to a potential opponent) and funny :slight_smile:


Thank you, you tell me a website to learn English term of go.xD


I’m so doing this from now on! :smiley:


In my gaming group we yelled “Die M$#@#r F&%$#r!” instead of Atari. It was closer to the true spirit of what we were trying to do.


Assembly goban signed by Yasui Sentetsu (the 6th head of the Yasui house – 1775-1780) said to be made by the Edo era goban master Takanashi Kiyoe.

To read more about this beautiful and deeply cool piece, check out The linked article also has a lot more images. I’d love to own it, but I’d just spill tea on it or something… Definitely the most interesting goban I’ve seen, and the bowls are great as well.


Wow this was a steal for only approx. USD5000.


I’d KILL for that Goban. Oh well, but only some stones. Sent those photos to a woodworker genius friend who also (but too infrequently) plays Go … maybe he’s interested in making one or two like that.