Improve your SDK fighting abilities 🐽

I think we have quite a deep understanding of problem 1.

Did anyone (besides Lys,thx) tried problem 2 ?
I think this is doable even for lower SDK.

direct link to problem 2

I came to this conclusion



Yep, perfect. The main point is to not fail by starting with R7.
Happy you participate, later problems will become more aimed at higher sdk (if we have followers climbing a bit, which i hope)

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I am happy to have active partipation.

This series is aimed at the very first to the 9k to 5k players so i encourage them to join asap.

Well you can come in later you will only have missed some interactivity. If so i recommend to start from the very beginning, as the difficulty will go crescendo following your progress.

Welcome to this training anyway !

common failure


Because of a too quick reading, black was expecting white to connect at x. But white doesn’t need to.
Sharp your teeth, be sure your intuition or habits are still right in the context.


03 Chose the working one.

Black to play.


demo for screenshots

White tail shape is abusing you, pretending to have captured your double bamboo joint. There are a few possibilities to start your reading so check them well to take the right decision.

Around 50 points of difference at stake here, may be worth considering.

sugar free donuts

Show us how white refute the wrong attempts.


I’m using your demo board to analyse this problem (02), but…


I can’t really find a way for black to cut white.
I tried many sequences starting with the marked area, but white seems to be always able to capture my cutting stones or to connect underneath.

Those six stones have too many liberties. They can cut and capture comfortably

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It’s ok to use the demo for anything you like to. You can delete afterwards branches if you feel so.

Yes It’s a good start. Then considering the shape made, it’s a keima and many times the shape move to consider is to cut it by jumping in it, not by pushing in it and cut (vulgar move they say). Anyway way that second way is quick to see it leads to nowhere so we are left with only one cut to follow. So you are almost on the right track.

For problem 3, I think that the first move is


I’ll post a diagram tomorrow to give a chance to other people to try (or to refute my answer if they think it’s wrong).

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So you can organize yourself with the donuts too


Did you consider other moves as the direct cut?

Between you and me, I’m a bit like you in my go because i love shapes but shapes are no value without a bit of complementary reading. I feel bad to complain on a overuse of shapes, shapes are here in this problem too. Just an once of reading will make them working.

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This is my take

The trick seems to be reducing its connection to the upper part to one stone that can then be cut by a cutting stone that cannot die because it can run to the right side.

We can do that by exploiting the weaknesses of the incomplete bamboo joint, the diagonal and the one step jump.

An important part of the solution seems to be cutting the incomplete bamboo joint and the diagonal from the right so that there’s only one way left for white to connect up.

Is there an easy way to obtain numbered variations? Because I need to number the stones manually one at a time by the end of the variation which is…. boring :persevere:

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comments on the above

N.B. you forgot to put some numbers.

What if white plays 4 at 6?

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Yes, you got me on that one…
I need to try again later :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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There’s a proverb:


Instead of 1-2-3, just play 3.

My answer to problem 3



04 Drink the river or eat the mountain

White to play.
In this sequence black oppose a fierce resistance to white pressure, but he’s overdoing. Give him the right answer.


demo for screenshots


Consider different answers considering different whole board positions

I gave up on #02

So my first guess on S6 was right but I wasn’t able to track down the solution until the very end.
I didn’t imagine white answer S7 and also made mistakes trying to read white R6 as an alternative and thought white could connect that way.
Good intuition but horrible reading! :sweat_smile:

Actually I was curious and looked at jlt’s answer. :grin:
Trying to ignore other’s posts is quite difficult to me.

Also I find the same issue I have with tsumego: I don’t actually consider all the possible moves.
Once my intuition draws a path, it’s very hard for me to diverge and try something else.

On #03

I can’t really find a solution.
I can only say what’s obvious: black needs to connect under or to cut through, capturing a few white stones. But I can’t figure how.

My instinct it absolutely focused on P6.
I feel some sort of weakness there but I don’t know how to exploit it.

In a discussion about tsumego someone said: start with the obvious answers. When they don’t work, start considering not obvious moves.
My obvious answers would be P2 or Q2 but they don’t seem to work.
A direct wedge at P4 isn’t working too.
The P5-O6 kosumi looks weak. But I can’t simply play O5, since white can easily stay connected with P6.
That’s why I would play P6 first.
But I get lost trying to read possible white’s moves and subsequent variations


You got the start P6, good. Then if you have problems to read, make easier problems maybe ?

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What do you think about this one?

I feel one needs to respond 1 with 2.
There are a couple of responses to 3 but to me black always ends up cutting the white group.