Improving mobile layout (esp for chat)

On the igs client they use a toggle like button. Can’t say if i prefer scroll down or toggle

The most crucial for me is

1 to be warned there is something in the chat that i didn’t read yet
2 to have easyness to look at it (like no misclick because i touch the board when i scrolldown )

Small note on the headers. Is there a reason for not having the players frames aligned vertically (middle)? Some more different levels of grey may reinforce the constitution of the teams

I agree - there is no good reason, it would be better as you say.

(The actual reason, maybe not a good one, is that at the time I wanted an “other players” heading, and that was very hard to do as it would have to span the two cards. But if one lets go of the idea of that heading, then the other players can pop up in to the card container … I may do that.)