Improving mobile layout (esp for chat)

About this, it’s a bit inconvenient to go from this

(Where I can see if my opponent added something, even if I can’t see the text (if it’s no long dialogue, I can see the text, if it’s long dialogue, I can see it moving up). When many people are involved, I find chat visibility even more important.)

To this

Also, it was mentioned in game chat it’s an old bug, but since I didn’t see it mentioned, in the test rengo game voice countdown would stop when I placed the stone, not when I submitted. Just in case it actually is an issue.

I wonder if chat pop-up or even separating chat from the avatar box could be a thought. I understand it’s a huge overhaul and probably I would be the first to side-eye it, but would everyone find it terrible to have a column “avatar-game details-graph” and a column “chat-variations”?

I feel rengo is bringing back the discussion of how to best utilize screen property, even if admittedly not the main subject.


I took the liberty of moving Gia’s good points here to their own thread, because it does warrant discussion, and drawing attention to anyone out there with the skills to fix it.

I started wondering whether we could put a speech bubble icon next to player names in the player-cards if there is “unread” chat from them. The trick is determining whether chat has been read or not…


Or the chat messages could flow over the goban, like this

(j/k don’t kill me)


Well, my solution is to use @MrAlex 's app where you get a nice mobile friendly board layout and a notification icon thing for chat on a separate screen with notifications if someone posts something both in the game screen and in the thumbnail game list.

And this also makes me wonder how @MrAlex 's app will handle rengo!! But I guess that’s for his thread…


I don’t think they responded to that technical issue with Malc visible chat to the opponent during the game (but I didn’t follow up so I don’t know).

I tried the app a few times but never worked for me… Since my feelings for OGS firstly developed because no client download was required, it would mean a lot for our relationship if I could keep playing this nice new addition of rengo in mobile browser version. :wink:

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This indicates that you are willing to “click something” to see chat. :thinking:

Web users are not so forgiving, I think. But if we made it an option™ this might give us a path to solving the same problem for web-mobile-users in the same way :thinking:


I think it depends on your problem definition. If the problem is “I can’t see if there is new chat” then a notification thing and one tap is fine (for me).
I don’t see that there is much difference between a tap and a scroll action (a moving tap?).

But if the problem is “I can’t see chat and the game and the player names all at the same time on my phone” well, I’m not sure there is a solution frankly!


In a web browser most of the time you don’t have to do anything at all to see the latest chat.

Therefore the web browser doesn’t actually know if you’ve seen it, or if you consider that you’ve seen it, or not, and “needing to scroll” is not a given.

If you are willing to be forced to take action (tap) to see it, then we know you’ve definitely seen it, and we can clear the notification :slight_smile:

Unless you are browsing on a phone in which case scrolling to see stuff is most of your life!


And we appreciate immensely whoever designs to minimize it

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Right … but we (browser client developers) don’t (necessarily) know that you are on a phone.

For some “intents and purposes” we can tell, but not for all.

And if you scrolled, that doesn’t mean you saw it. How far do you have to scroll to indicate that you really saw all the chat…

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Ok but we are getting off topic. I think the answer to the problem at hand is to put the additional player names under the chat box … Then you can see the chat (like Gia’s first screenshot) but not the names of inactive players (but they don’t change and presumably you see them when it’s their turn (or they chat!) so not a big loss)

I’m anticipating some push back to my solution but there it is…

Yeah, nah. The players in the teams have to stay together.

It may be that the cool player-cards that Anh designed for iOS will be a big help, if/when someone works out how to do them for the web browser.

But even then, as Gia and others observed, the problem isn’t just rengo, it’s chat in mobile in general, the rengo teams just highlighted it.

So the solution need to solve it once-and-for-all, not just “by moving rengo team members”.


I still hope for some sort of popup, like pm chat. A bar appears at the bottom, at my discretion to click it or not, at whatever point of the game.

Personally, I find the pm chat bar much easier on mobile, since it’s at the bottom of a narrow screen, that on laptop screen where it’s lost in a corner.

(when keyboard opens all is lost, but we can’t have it all, mobile life™


It is an extra click, but not that intrusive.

A swipe between goban and chat (with notification) would also be cool, but probably too ambitious.

How do those look?

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anoek put a small clip of one here:

(scroll down to see :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: )

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Only avatar, no name? Looks confusing, but that’s just me.

I don’t like the "rengo! " title at the top.

Having the list of players makes it obvious it is rengo.
It’s mostly a waste of space (and the best one)

With some more esthetic, we could get rid of the other players line too.

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That’s a short term view. In long term this is spoiling crucial space only.
I can understand the enthusiasm to announce the new baby but it’s not that useful (and esthetic too) and necessary.


Needs evolve over time.

And what’s more, it’s helping force the issue that the mobile layout simply isn’t chat-friendly at the moment, with or without that header.

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