Rengo status

Yes I checked that’s it’s really the chat and not rengo. I typed “player 1”, “player1”, “player 2” and “player 3” in a personal demo: 8x8


Right - IIUC shinuito raised it here because it’s in Rengo that you want to say “Who is Player 2”, so you bump into this problem.


Well I haven’t had enough people online to test it again :slight_smile:

I can really hammer at it though if I make 3-4 more accounts on beta if you want :slight_smile:



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I’m happy to participate in some live test games anytime I’m awake :slight_smile:


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I’m available these days, just give me a pm heads-up some time ahead.

Note: we need to be able to mouse-over rengo challenges to see who’s currently in them. I’ll add that to the list.

… edit: but those in the know know that you can click on the challenge, see who’s in it, then click again (mouse in the same spot) to withdraw :metal:


There’s new code at beta. Mostly taking care of flimsy challenge management - you should no longer be able to get put on 2 teams (or find yourself accidentally booted).

I feel like I have one more thing that “has to be fixed”

  • Creator of live challenge has to reload for this to work normally, at game start.

before begging anoek to let us have it on the main server. Is that about right - any other killers?

Minor things, but since you asked:

  • Even though analysis is disabled, it seems one of the players can access it? (I tested with three accounts and one - not creator - could analyse the game)
  • When I assign all players to one color the start button is still present (it does not work, but maybe it should disappear again to be consistent with the rest of the behaviour?)

To clarify: do you mean that IF you create a challenge with analysis disabled, THEN some people still can analyse?

I can imagine a bug like that, I’ll have to look.

Ooo - yuk, that’s definitely a bug, thanks!

(Hmm - one-colour go, anyone? :smiley: )


Yes, I created a challange with analysis disabled. It worked for all BUT one of the players who could analyze like nobody’s business. It was not the author of the challenge

  • Also setting up a private rengo pretty much breaks it, as one of the players will be unable to join in :smiley: hehehe (even though he can join from the interface on play page, but then is not allowed into the game when it starts).

I am also completely lost with the stuff in the history (the history part is a nightmare I assume).

  • Tie by resignation :smiley: the hell?
  • Sometimes the names bug out (can’t figure out when exactly though :frowning:).
  • Also I assume the record should be either green or red, not black as long as it ended by win by one side.

Screenshot 2022-01-05 at 01-09-54 testing12345

Random silly thigs I am not sure if you even want to handle, but just to note:

  • One can create a challenge un-asign him/herself and still start it. Nothing wrong with it per se (though strange), but it still gets recorded in his/her history even though he/she did not even play :smiley:
  • Escaper clock does not work
  • With custom placement handicap one player gets to place all the stones (instead of two players of the same color alternating?). I actually really expected custom placement HC to really break it alltogether, so kudos :smiley:

Thats this one:

  • Game History representation (how should it even look?)


At the moment the right attitude is to consider ourselves lucky we have a Rengo game history that takes us to our games :stuck_out_tongue:

I really must get to blanking out everything else!

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I am blown away that we have rengo at all :smiley: :hugs: would not even need the history tbh. Just wanted to note down everything I saw in case it was ever useful


If you add it, it’ll get played :heart:


remind me after this is live :wink:


There’s a new version up

  • You have to have at least one player in each team (sorry Bhydden :slight_smile: )
  • The “other players” are in the same player-card as the current player (@Groin)
  • The Game History for Rengo has been tidied up
    – It shows only the date and game name
    – Everything else is removed, so we don’t go “wait, that’s wrong”, until something decent is sorted out for how it should be.

I can’t wait to test that. Tonight maybe? (In ½day)