In-forum Shape and Position Sharing

Hello Everyone

To my knowledge, screen capping and linking out seem to be the only alternatives here to effectively display a board position.

What would be much appreciated, is a platform in which members have access to Shape sharing and creation tools

This will mainly be a quality-of-life improvement for the Teaching categories on OGS and a way to keep more posts concise.

Thank you



It was brought to my attention by our kind dev @matburt that it is possible to upload and embed SGFs.
See this post in the welcome thread.

For example:

rxj-gokifu-18460725-Gennan_Inseki-Honinbo_Shusaku.sgf (6.9 KB)

d8fa06cf14ef541370766042859b22a2.sgf (263 Bytes)


For complex stuff you can, of course, link to one of our demo boards which provide a full interface for analysis and position sharing. At some point we may embed some of that here.