Inadequate Explanation of Stone Removal Mechanics

The Players’ Guide does not explain the procedural mechanics of stone removal. I could guess. For example, perhaps black clicks on the stones black has captured. When the stones are marked, the opponent clicks the accept button. Then white does the same, and black accepts. Either player could mark the dame. OR perhaps they mark their captures simultaneously. OR perhaps there is some other procedure. The guide says nothing on this so far as I can see. I understand scoring, but I do not understand the online mechanics. So far I have played only against the bot (where scoring is automated), and the foregoing question is inhibiting me from playing a human opponent.

Simply click on the stones, until they are all marked correctly thats pretty much it

There is a bit more to it that that for complex situations where dame is marked incorrectly. You can click dame points, and shift-clicking will mark individual points/stones instead of groups.

I agree that new players could be intimidated by this.

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