Inappropriate Advertising Ruins Sites

This morning, the OGS mobile site was advertising “100% undetectable exploits and hacks” for Counter-Strike Go. Personally, I take great offense.

If we must put up with advertising, please invest some effort to make sure that it is at least appropriate. And not scamming!


You don’t have to put up with advertising. If you become a supporter, the ads go away.

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Not going to happen. I’m unemployed.

“Fund the site through appropriate, unobtrusive advertising” is something I can live with. “Annoy people into paying,” is despicable!

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Despicable… I won’t engage in hyperbole. Have a good one.

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That’s definitely not the kind of advertisement I would expect from google’s ad service, and you are right… it’s not the kind of Ad we want displayed on the site. Do you happen to have a screenshot of it?


No. It was on my phone. If I’d seen it on the desktop site, I’d have posted a screenshot.

Where did you learn customer service?

He has a point.

Maybe you should not get involved in the first place.


Well if you see it again grab a screenshot which helps us. If you need help on how to take a screenshot then let me know what platform you are using and I can walk you through it.


Forcing you to enjoy the benefits of a quality browser Go server is also despicable huh?


I use Google advertising on my own sites. You do have to get down into the list of advertisers and decide what doesn’t apply in what is an appropriate ad.

The OP is a potential customer (I hope he still is.)

You can’t treat him like he just made a gote move and deserves punishment for it.

Active and passive aggression from the forum will make it harder for the developers to make this a business that puts food in their refrigerators.

Be part of the solution or be silent.


I would heartily agree with you if the OP was being forced to play here or paying for the privilege. In the absence of coercion or payment, I would also have accepted:

“Hey, just want to let you know, there are some bad ads coming through. Here’s an example. Appreciate any help.”


Thanks for the offer of help, matburt. I’ve googled how to take screenshots on Android 5, since the occurrence, and, if I see the ad. again, I’ll post a screenshot.


This looks like the ad @StephenM described:

There is another frame with the adress


On the topic of dodgy ads, here is one I got a few times.

I’m not sure the translation is necessary, but it says “Awesome! You are the 1000000th visitor and you have been selected to possibly win a smartphone. To get it, click here”

The copyright on the bottom right says “Aldaniti”, in case it helps identifying it.

Edit : sometimes ads have a cross you can click to report them (as inappropriate, irrelevant or repetitive), but this one doesn’t seem to have it, which I found odd.