Incentivised Game Reviews

I am a newer go player, and sometimes I am not sure where a game ‘went wrong’.

Might there be interest in a feature allowing users to flag a certain percent of their games for review?
Other players could offer comments, which other users (including the original person who marked it for review) could rate depending on helpfulness.

Some sort of ‘Mentor Ranking’ could track how much helpful feedback a person had given.
I am not at all sure such a feature would be worth the effort it would take to put in place, but it
might offer a way for the community to engage with newer players and help them stick around.

An added bonus to this would be that (assuming there was some way to indicate who had been willing to take the time to review plenty of games, who had consistently given helpful feedback, and (and who had not turned off the option under the settings menu)) people who were ‘noob friendly’ could have an indicator on the chat list - marking them as a good source of information.


I would love to see this feature, I’ve been hassling matburt and anoek about it since before the merge. I think a review ladder with the ability to thumbs-up, thumbs-down, or fork reviews would be insanely great.

That might actually be a better project for playing with the OGS api that my first idea :wink:

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To me this sounds like a great idea. :smiley:

And I am quite sure, the Devs have something like it already on their list.