Include the time left in sgf files?

On IGS, sgf files include the time left for each player after a move. For me this would be invaluable in determining which bad and non-bad moves I spend the most time on if reviewing it with AI, although I admit I probably don’t use AI as often as others, yet despite this I would like it if I could cross the types of what in AI opinion are the mistakes and good moves I’m making with the time it took to make them! I’m sure this would be an easy addition to add a few digits, and it could be toggled as a feature so that if one of the players has ‘record time for each move’ toggled, the games is automatically stored with the seconds . ? !


This is a very interesting feature to analyze on games. In chess allows you to determine how much time you take in some move, or how much took your oponent and so on. I think it’s an important feature to add. On the other side, I’m not really sure wich SGF editors take in consideration this value in the SGF

All of them, except OGS :-°