Inconsistencies between rank in the rating table and rank shown in the graph

At first I thought it was a cache problem, but after clearing the cache nothing changed.

- → rating: 1719.61
- → rating: 1719.61
- → rating: 1700.19.

The rating on the graph is correct (third api), it’s the rating on the rating table that is not up to date.
My rating didn’t go down after I lost my last game:


Yeah that’s wonky for sure.

As you may have noticed the first two API’s are for some reason returning your second-to-last rating (you can see that in the v5 history table).

I might be something on the server still catching up, and the good news is that your rank is captured in the v5 table, so it is “correct”, but it definitely deserves looking into.

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I’ve also checked my last opponent’s profile and it seems they have the same problem.
Unlike me, they have played other games since then:

- → rating: 1575.75
- → rating: 1575.75
- → rating: 1575.37 (second-to-last: 1575.75)

So it seems it all started after this game .
“Interesting” lol. I’ve checked the profiles of people who played around the same time but they all seem fine.

It’s probably worth invoking @anoek at this point. I know he’s actually not around right at this moment, but it can get on his list. I’ll also poke around more.

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