Inconsistent stone click volume

Although I used the slider to decrease my stone click volume, quite often the click comes through at maximum volume. Any idea why?

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If you have the game you are playing also open in another tab, it will play the sound from both tabs and sound twice as loud!

I have the same issue, but seldom have a second tab up to the same game.

I think it’s actually caused by either internet, or minor server lag.


One thing that seems to happen is that if I don’t move for awhile, and then I move, it comes out too loud. It really does happen with just one tab, and I don’t understand the lag theory.

I dont understand the lag theory either to be fair, but its the best explanation i have for my own experience. i dont see it really being anything else other than lag personally.

There is certainly something wrong on our side, and sometimes the sound is played before loading the correct volume settings. As to why I have no idea :man_shrugging:

I have started a github tracker for it a while ago, if you have any relevant information to add, please do so, or let me know and I will add it.

but … . but . . . it’s not just the first move that blasts too loud. Lots of subsequent moves do as well.