Incorporating Old Format Into the New Forum

Sorry if this has been mentioned in a previous thread, but I believe that we should make this forum similar to the old forum in the sense that it is part of the actual OGS site. I don’t mind helping the transition between the old forum to the new but why is it that the new forum is on a completely different site? It doesn’t connect back to OGS nor does it have its own spot on the OGS sidebar. This makes navigation a pain! At this point wouldn’t it be better for this new forum to completely replace the old forum’s spot on the sidebar? Wouldn’t this be the best way for people take notice of the new forum?

I agree it’d be nice, however it is not likely to happen. The reason it’s on a separate site now is because it’s a completely separate piece of software now, as opposed to something cobbled together by us. This is running , which is great because there are several full time developers working on it and it bring a lot of great features to the forums that we were in desperate need of. The downside though is that since it’s written by other people as a general forum software, it’s naturally not as tightly integrated with our system as we’d prefer.

:frowning: Though, now I understand the advantages of switching over to this site for the forum I still can’t bring myself to be too happy with this loose integration.