Incorrect handicaps?

I just tried to play a game, and the handicap was set backwards (10k v. 12k, and the 10k player got the extra stones). I canceled the game, checked the settings, and tried again, and the same thing happened. Is anybody else experiencing this?

Be sure that “Color” is set to “Automatic.” You probably set it to random color or something.

this has happened to be quite a bit as well. saying its operator error is ok, but its really
kinda funky if you have explicit color, and random color, along with automatic handicap,
and have it effectively double the handicap in the wrong direction.

i think automatic handicap should probably be color aware and either assign a negative komi
or just clamp it at an even game.

otoh, now that i know whats going on i just cancel and try to work it out a restart with the
other player.

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Or have auto handicap force auto color. Or not allow auto handicap if color is not appropriate.