Incorrect set for last move marker into puzzle

Start: puzzle/283 with left+bottom position, Black move first.

  1. Black move at A2, auto-answer White at A1, last move marker on A1.
  2. Black move at C3, auto-answer White at B3, last move marker on A1 (must be at B3).

Hi kvichans,

the move marker can be put on different stones when the variations shift from one move-chain to another. This happens because similar board-positions merge in the creator. (So you don’t have to enter the same variation twice).

I don’t know if it’s easily fixed, or a major problem at all. Anoek would have to answer that. :smiley:


Thanks, Fran. I understand that isnt error.

Yeah, but it can be very distracting if you don’t know how the Tsumego system works. :slight_smile:

I’ve stumbled upon the thing myself when the creator was new.

I made an example picture to explain it in more detail to readers of this topic:

Move 1 and 2 are different for both chains here, but with move 3, the whole-board positions are same. The violet line indicates a merge of both chains for easier variation building. 4 and 5 would be similar for both chains, so there is no need to create these twice.

That’s where the mark indicator can be shown on the wrong chain (Move 3), because it shifts to the main chain.

Hope this clears it up a little :slight_smile: