India's first Go Tournament

We are organizing India’s first open Go tournament and beginner workshops on 18/19th February in Mumbai
The tournament is held in partnership with Meeplecon - India’s only boardgames Convention
Over 15000 people are expected to attend and this would be a great opportunity to showcase Go to the Indian crowd

If any of you are planning to visit India, here is the registration link
More information: AIGP - Association of Indian Go Players


Please let us know if there will be any streaming and/ or relaying of games, so we can follow along even if we can’t visit! :slightly_smiling_face:


There will be pictures for sure!
I don’t think you all would be interested in kyu-kyu games :sweat_smile:


Why not? Most of the OGS players are kyu’s.
Might be nice to watch a game that you would actually be able to understand.


What @Atorrante said, he was faster :sweat_smile:


I hope all the best for this event! Go never really took roots in India so it will be awesome if it starts from initiative like this.


I told two of my Mumbai based colleagues. They nearly know the rules (from me), so who knows … :wink:


There will be a set of tutorial sessions for beginners as well, so please feel free to send this link to all potential go players in India:


Cool, please encourage them to visit, we can get them started with atari go

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Who won the tournament? I heard Ilya Trunilin, is that right?

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Yup. Ilia won with Urban Larsson from Sweden coming in second.
There was a 2nd 9x9 tournament for beginners, mostly attended by people who learnt the day before.


Over the weekend, 100+ people were taught to play capture go and 20 of them proceeded to learn and play full 9x9 games
There was a healthy interest shown by the younger generation. This interest looks encouraging for the future of Go in India
We had 8 players participating in our first tournament.
Ilia (3-dan/Russia) won the 19x19 tournament. Urban Larsson(5-kyu/Sweden) came in runners-up. Samon from Mumbai won the 9x9 tournament.
I have a partial stream of the game and a postgame rengo, will put up the links soon
(Wingspan finals are happening next to us on stage)


Here are some partial streams, they get cut off because the phone went into sleep :frowning:

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