Insecure playing go online

Is it normal that others player can find your fb account? An example is shown below…

[12:54] Floopsies [25k?]: Hey
Move 50
[12:55] Floopsies [25k?]: I found your Facebook********
Move 51
[12:55] Floopsies [25k?]: You’re ugly
Move 52
[12:55] Floopsies [25k?]: Also I live near you. Bye.

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I don’t think so, unless you got it in your description or something. Facebook is big spy network for corporations and secret services to control and take over the world. And since everybody can use it, so can trolls - psychopaths.

This seems like a work of one of those. No need to worry. To be safe and not bother delete your Facebook account. That should help.

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miss the point?

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Every single one of us should feel insecure playing go after AlphaGo torched Lee Sedol.

As to your smack talking opponent, I seriously doubt he actually saw your page. There are stupid kids that don’t realize this is a civilized, philosophical game.

He probably wanted out before 20 moves without being the quitter that he is.

Ignore it.

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Hi Comx,

It is not normal for other players to do that. The user in question is a known troll, and has been dealt with accordingly. Next time you see a player behaving inappropriately be sure to press the “Call Mod” button which can be accessed in the right sidebar of the game or by clicking the username:

This is most definitely not the norm, and most users who play online simply do so in order to play/enjoy the game. Hope you stick around!


lovely, thank you so much

Is that the link that was actually in the chat? If so its a link that will take you to the profile of whoever is logged in to facebook on your computer. When I click it it goes to my profile. So don’t worry, random people can’t find your facebook account from OGS. He never actually saw your profile. Even still its a really mean thing to do and you should report people that do this sort of thing.


This! There was prank that was popular a few years ago like that.
Not a funny one but still, some people like this kind of stuff I guess.


What does shadowban do? Block them from chatting, but still let them play games, or something?

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Yes, that’s correct.

In most varieties of shadowbannning, the banned person does not know they’re banned. They can type chat messages like normal, but nobody can see them, and the troll sits and stews and wonders why the manure they’re spewing is not getting a reaction.

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I think this behavior should result in an immediate permanent ban! This is not only offensive and inappropriate but it is also a veiled real life threat.

It’s more efficient than permaban @TheGrandmother. Because it would take a long time (and previous knowledge) for a troll to realize they are shadowbanned.

In the case of permaban, it would lead to account spam, which would then lead to ip block, which is then lead to proxy, which would then lead to a better solution named shadowban.


The guy needs to learn how to make open threats on the board. :slight_smile: