Interesting problem taken from TIW2G

While working on AdamR’s awesome new tutorial I decided to go right through ‘The Interactive Way to Go’ all over again. For those that like reinterpreting puzzles here’s an interesting one:

eg. This would certainly work: (click here)


but I think we can do better. How much better?

If you post a solution within the first week please hide the details. Have fun everyone. :smiley:


You’re showing a 30-stone kill for B.
Considering there are 16 white stones, there should be at most 16 black stones in a somewhat elegant solution.

I see a still somewhat trivial 14-stone kill for B.

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I agree. My example was deliberately ‘Blunt force trauma’ to avoid spoiling the puzzle for anyone of any level and just efficient enough to be better than the original problem (33 moves for complete removal).


Currently down to 13, but only 14 seems safe.

What are the rules exactly? To achieve a position where all white stones are dead IF black defends correctly against any atack? Or all white stones are dead even if black does not respond to any move?


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