International Weiqi Promotion Project, Shanghai Summer School 2022

The announcement of recruiting Weiqi teachers

To meet the needs of the international Weiqi popularization and promotion project, we are planning to recruit 6 Weiqi coaches who lives in the Europe, have a certain level considering the game of Weiqi, and are interested in Chinese Weiqi culture. Each coach will be responsible for 4 European students between 0 basics to 10 kyu. The project is to be held from early August to mid-September 2022. The subsidy per teacher is RMB 6,500+prize money.

If you feel like to have further information, please email to
Contact Person: Prof. Dechang Sun


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  1. Goal:

To explore the effective forms, scientific methods, and high-quality contents combinations of the international dissemination of Weiqi culture;

To explore the integrative potential of Chinese and Western culture regarding teaching and learning Weiqi.

  1. Project organizer:

Shanghai Jian Qiao University

3. Content:

Introduction of Weiqi Basic knowledge (in 6 groups via the blended learning online & offline´╝î each learning group with an individual teacher).

Recognize Weiqi culture and history and Learn basic Chinese through Weiqi´╝łChoose one from these two optional lectures according to your own interests´╝ë

Real game training offline and review (in groups) and Online Weiqi tournaments for students among groups.

Experience sharing workshop of the teachers.

4. Participants:

Students: The project is free of charge for people who are living in European countries. Students are asked to have a level between 0 basic to around 10 kyu and are asked to have an attendance rate of at least 90%. The registration can be submitted through a simple registration email to

Tutors: 6 Weiqi teachers wanted, who are living in the Europe. Each Weiqi teacher is responsible for recruiting 4 beginners for their guidance and training of Weiqi, to ensure that each student can become interested in Weiqi and make good progress.

Assistant coaches: 6 college students from China, serving as assistant coaches of Weiqi. Assistant coaches are asked to be familiar with the English terminology of Weiqi, be able to explain the basic rules of Weiqi online, help the tutor with organizing online teaching games, and are responsible for the collection and arrangement of daily learning materials.

5 . Schedule ´╝Ü

Week One

Day 1 Opening Activities and Program Introduction

Day 2 Group Learning & Practice 1

Day 3 Chinese Weiqi Literature 1(optional)

Day 4 Group Learning & Practice 2

Day 5 Speaking Chinese through Weiqi 1(optional)

Day 6 Group Learning & Practice 3

Day 7 Offline Teaching Games (optional)

Week Two

Day 8 Group Learning & Practice 4

Day 9 Chinese Weiqi Literature 2(optional)

Day 10 Group Learning & Practice 5

Day 1 Speaking Chinese through Weiqi 2(optional)

Day 12 Group Learning & Practice 6

Day 13 Offline Teaching Games (optional)

Day 14 Offline Teaching Games (optional)

Week Three

Day 15 Group Learning & Practice 7

Day 16 Chinese Weiqi Literature 3 (optional)

Day 17 Group Learning & Practice 8

Day 18 Speaking Chinese through Weiqi 3(optional)

Day 19 Group Learning & Practice 9

Day 20 Offline Teaching Games (optional)

Day 21 Offline Teaching Games (optional)

Week Four

Day 22 Friendly Match Group Round 1

Day 23 Friendly Match Group Round 2

Day 24 Chinese Weiqi Literature 4 (optional)

Day 25 Speaking Chinese through Weiqi 4 (optional)

Day 26 Friendly Match Round Semi-final

Day 27 Friendly Match Round Final

Day 28 Closing Ceremony´╝ÜTeaching and Learning Stories Sharing


Seems interesting, is there a list of European teachers already?

Yes There are 6 teachers from different European countries such as Romania, Germany, etc.


I would be interested in how this project is going on as it should be started already.
No hurry of course but any feedback by teachers, students or organization will be appreciated, well by me at least.


Yes, any feedback will be appreciated. Have you joined us?

No i am just a reader of this forum.