Internet Language

Has the internet gone too far? Having its own language and all? People tend to use these words/phrases online while typing without knowing it. Here’s some phrases you can use to make your life much easier!

  • AKA = Also Known As
  • ASAP = As Soon As Possible
  • Lol = Laugh Out Loud
  • Ppl = People
  • rn = right now
  • Ikr = I know right
  • Ik = I know
  • Bae = Before anyone else
  • OC = Original Character
  • FB = Facebook
  • IG = Instagram
  • TW = Twitter
  • YT = Youtube
  • DM = Direct Messages
  • PM = Private Messages
  • B4 = Before
  • 4 = For
  • BTS = Behind The Scenes
  • Brb = be right back
  • DYK = Did you know
  • F2F = Face To Face
  • GG = Good Game
  • GTG = Got To Go
  • Gr8 = Great
  • Idk = I don’t know
  • Idc = I don’t care
  • IRL = In real life
  • LMK = Let me know
  • Obv = Obviously
  • NBD = Not Big Deal
  • OMG = Oh My God
  • ORLY = Oh really?
  • OMW = On My way
  • SRSLY = Seriously
  • thx = thanks
  • YW = You’re Welcome
  • Np = No Problem
  • Btw = By the way
  • Ofc = Of course
  • Afk = Away from keyboard
    Everyone knows LOL, GG, GTG, THX, etc, but there are more! You can always come back to this list again to check these out! It helps me a lot to use this, cuz it saves time!
    Comment below if you know anymore of these! :wink:
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Did these help you? And do you know any more of these? :thinking: :star_struck: :grinning:


Probably ATM (at the moment) is more common.


This is probably a backronym, really a shortening of babe.


This means original gangsta. Original character is OC.


Potential here for confusion with the Korean boy band.


Never heard this. Compare NP (no problem) and NW (no worries).

Edit: the moment after I wrote this, I read Gia use it. There you go~


Not sure I’ve ever heard this.


Compare TY (thank you).

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It can mean different things. For OG, I had a typo, BTS can also mean Behind The scenes. There are a lot more of these internet initials that they can form a language.

There’s a meme about “confused ARMY watching “behind the scenes” YT videos” but I can’t find it.


The BTS initial was from literally from the internet, so I don’t see why… :thinking: But nice catch, I thought of the band, too :relaxed:

No no, clearly NP means nondeterministical polynomial time and stands for the well-known complexity class.


While this is a correct etymology, the definition is closer to “onomatopoeia for something being amusing” and does not necessarily imply laughter, aloud or otherwise.

If you’re going to include “OC”, you should also include “OTP (one true pairing)”, “OOC (out of character)”, and others I can’t recall at the moment.

In the same vein: iirc, afaik, afaict (if I recall correctly, as far as I know, as far as I can tell).

Can also just be “tx”.

I have, it means “on my way”.

It means both via the complementary magics of polysemy and context.

I’d also make all or almost all of them lowercase; these are types of abbreviations I rarely see any other way.

Also, “gl hf” for “good luck; have fun” and “tagg” for “to a good game”.

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I just though those are more well known, you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to :wink:

OMG lmk what it is ?! :stuck_out_tongue:
imo (in my opinion) it should be etc :3
There is also hf for have fun :wink:


Oops, mixed the etc typo=) :rofl:

In fact, lol is a Dutch word meaning “fun”, lollig being “funny”. I’ve always found it quite lollig that the common internet LOL works so well in Dutch. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow! That’s an interesting fact! :grinning:

Btw, Bae PM OC BTS, DYK Ppl DM IRL, AKA F2F? Ikr. Ppl DM IRL b4 FB, IG, TW, YT, etc. But FB, IG, TW, YT, etc. r SRSLY Gr8 rn Obv… YW. Lol.


Someone try turning 5000 off and on again.


Heyyy… got s’more for y’all…

  • YOLO = Young Olive Lovers Organization
  • WTF = Wasn’t That Fun!
  • LMAO = Love (chairman) MAO
  • ROTFL = Regretting Our Temptation Fleetingly and Longingly
  • DTF = Destined To Fail
  • KYS = Keep Yourself Safe
  • WAP = Woman As President
  • TTYL = TikTok Youtube Lover
  • OK = Organic Kale

Others I learned on go servers

DIY do it yourself
AFK away from keyboard
AST automatic site wide tournament
BRB be right back
Ofc of course

I would add that all these are mainly used by native speakers and I don’t always spend time to search the meaning. Your choice too.


Ooh, can’t believe I forgot to add Ofc and Afk, lol :rofl:

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As Far As I Know

I’m being serious about that one, but the others that I posted earlier are jokes. Please don’t use those mistakenly.

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I think all of your’s should be added, just with the correct definitions.