Invite-only by mistake

I’m thinking of adjusting the create custom game dialogue to make it more difficult to click on the Invite-Only option by mistake. At the moment it’s so close to the Create Game button on the mobile interface that I often find myself clicking start and creating a private game by mistake.

Curious to see if others experience the same before I go ahead and fiddle with it. Let me know.


Looks to me like it would happily sit horizontally between Close and Create Challenge, rather than being on its own line.

Does anyone with a smaller screen disagree?

Otherwise I guess some extra padding on top would be fine.

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I do this all the time. So please go ahead.

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Great - it’s not just me!

Issue created and I;'ll get on it soon: Move the Invite-only checkbox (or clickable area) to stop it being checked by mistake on small screen devices · Issue #2275 · online-go/ · GitHub

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Need to make sure the clickable area is smaller I think so it is only the checkbox - then I’ll see where it can sensible fit (ideally without taking more screen space up overall.

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Also on laptop I manage to misclick it.

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-05-28 om 12.03.43

Rather close to each other as you can see.

Hope your programming also involves big screen devices.

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there is bigger problem:


if you click here, Invite-only clicks


What stone_defender brings up could be how I’ve
accidentally clicked that several times, on laptop.


OK - committing the change now - all I have done is make only the checkbox itself clickable so the label (and acres of space on the left of it no longer check the checkbox). I think that’s a small enough target area all the way over to the right that it shoudl be ok - let’s see how that goes when it gets released.


That invite checkbox is way too close to the creat challenge button haha

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Yeah I still think the checkbox itself should move… either padded down more or else in line with the two buttons.

It’s live now - the checkbox has moved under Private at the top. That should be much better.


Much better. Thanks @Gurumanger!