IQ and Go ranks

I am really curious about the correlation between IQ and Go ranks. I tried once to find the IQs of strong players, but failed because many declined to reveal.

I see here two other threads, one about IQ, and one poll about time to improve in rank, but no results posted yet. So if you are not shy, please answer to two questions.

1 What is your IQ

2 How many years of relative active play or study you used to reach a certain rank?

The rank obviously should be the one where you stopped growing, or the actual one if you are still progressing. The age may be important too, but I want to keep the things simple.
Please answer on questions, do not elaborate, and transform this in a regular thread.
(If you fingers are ithchy though, you can elaborate in this paralel thread, created for those who were itchy before you. How IQ does or doesn't correlate to Go skill)

My answers first, as example.

1 Around 130, I forgot the actual figure since I did not took a test in decades.
2 4 years of regular play in club and competitions to 4k. (no real study, just read three books)

You may have played a year, reached 10k, took many years pause and then in other year reached shodan, so is two years to shodan. Try to considerate only the years of actual play and improvement.

And I talk about general IQ. I know that there is EQ and different types of tests for different aspects of intelligence, but if you got tested for something like this I assume you already know about the general thing.

And since it seems that few bothered to find such test, here is one free. You can skip the survey from the end, just scroll for the button to finish the test.


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If you ask about IQ, keep in mind that

  • there are different IQ tests which test different aspects,
  • not all of these average on the value of 100, but could be admitting else, and
  • 1 standard deviation is not always 15 points

PS: the IQ points got adjusted over time. It’s not much but a score of 100 decades ago isn’t the same as 100 points today.


It is not what you are looking for, but this is the most advanced study I have ever seen related to studying the brains of Go experts. I’ve read about 1/4th of it. I keep coming back to it, grasping a little bit more each time. The vocabulary within is super technical which is why I keep coming back. I’m really enjoying it though.

Exploring the brains of Baduk (Go) Experts (PDF)


Hmm, what I do is just an amateurish thing by curiosity. Is not like building a rocket and risk to blow the moon if the figures are a little off. And I hope that will be not many of those who took tests a century ago to derail my average. And I was a maniac for those test for decades, and damn things were pretty the same no matter how I tried to appear smarter in my own eyes. And yes now because of those willing to make a penny more it may be in circulation a lot of fake tests, but let wait for a while to see the result of this poll, and next maybe we can find an reasonable IQ test to be more accurate.

@ Mulsiphix1 thanks

Ahhh, but are IQ and Go IQ the same thing? :thinking:

One must consider Idiot Savants (Savant Syndrome) and other people who may utterly fail the average IQ test, for whatever reason. But who are otherwise naturally adept, exceptionally proficient through training or experience, or inexplicably capable at Go. If Go is comparable to the worlds of art and music or math, then history shows that there are a fair amount of individuals who do not test well but are extraordinarily talented regardless.

The problem with IQ tests is that they test a specific spectrum of intelligence. So even capable and accomplished people may test average or poorly. The only proper way to do this is to invent a new form of IQ test, specifically aimed to test a human beings Go Intelligence Quotient :face_with_monocle:


:frowning: I hoped to get some answers at what I asked, and even I pointed that I would not like to transform this thread in a regular chat. Empty hopes.

Mulsiphix1 I know, and I could waste an hour answering, but I chose to deflect asking you what is wrong with making a chart to see a comparison between height and results for handball players. We know that not all handball players are tall.

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I assume no one knows their IQ because it’s not common to get an IQ test, is it?

  1. Point me to some free test and I will try to tell you test says 120, but I suspect it of flattery :smiley:

  2. It took me about a year (of watching videos and playing) to reach 5k and another year (of a less active play) to reach 2k

Yep, before internet, these tests were in all sorts of magazines. At the beginning of Web, there was a lot flowing around, but now those free are hidden among hundreds of those who trap you to pay.
At first browse I choose one that seems decent, and even asks money for a detailed report, the result and a snapshot of the report is free. However there is a crap survey at the end, but you may skip it an scroll down to press the result button.

  1. (from the link provided) 114
  2. 1.5 years of intensive playing (around 1000 games), videos, reviewing to reach 2k. Still stuck there.
  1. I scored 111 on the test from the provided link. I am quite sure I did well on the logic, visual, and most of the mathematical questions, but I don’t think I did very well on the vocabulary…

  2. Playing seriously for a little under 1.5 years now, went from approximately 20 kyu to about 4 kyu in that time (I have been familiar with the game for about 4 years). I have played about 1200 games since I began “seriously” studying the game. Videos, about three games a day, and very few personal game reviews or tsumego.

It might not be too important for you, but I will also point out that I am only 15 years old and in early high school (although you might already know that, as I think I remember you from the thread I created on programming). :wink:


I scored 141 in the test linked by @ehomba. I started playing Go last December, but I haven’t been able to start studying it methodically yet. I’m currently ranked 20k on OGS.


Scored 144, “crystalized intelligence”!

Does this apply properly to non-native speakers? I am pretty sure I missed one or two due to language barrier.

I am 34 years old, started 3 months ago and studied during all my free time in those 3 months, at least 5 hours a day but often intoxicated. I went as high as 12 kyu and am curently at 13.

I have my reservations about the merit of this thread and almost didn’t reply despite having taken the test but the result was too tempting to not brag with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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  1. It took me about a year and a half to get to 11k, playing only correspondence ~160 games.

I took the liberty of splitting this thread. OP on several occasions expressed the wish for simple answers just out of curiosity (without our usual over analyzing) and I think it fair to try and respect that wish. If you are interested in THIS topic, please answer along the lines of the original wish.

If you wish to discuss how IQ test obviously cannot measure objective intelligence (duh :stuck_out_tongue: ), or anything connected with THAT complex topic, kindly continue the discussion in the linked thread.

Thank you, appreciated :slight_smile:


I voiced my concerns in the other topic, so I guess it is fair to answer this one, as well :

  1. I got 127
  2. Aug 2016 I started playing at 12k DGS … I had only read a beginner’s book series at the time.
    Aug 2017, after playing 100+ games, reading a couple of more advanced books and watching some video-lectures (mostly by Nick Sibicky and some by Dwyrin) I got to 5k. Stopped studying due to my own venture of writting a beginner’s book for Go, so just by playing I got to 3k around Aug 2018.
    Projection for Aug 2019 ? 3k DGS, though I might make it to 2k OGS where games progress faster

Hope that information is useful. :slight_smile:

  1. I got 127

  2. I started around 10-20-2018

  3. To date I’ve played between 1,600 and 1,700 matches. (250-ish against AI)

  4. I play only 9x9, a lot of Blitz (10sec moves) and a lot of Correspondence. I use Correspondence and the Analyze Tool to try and learn to read better. I’ve done 50-ish Tsumego problems. I’ve spent more time researching Go the game/history/rules/community, rather than how to excel at playing the game of Go. So little that it isn’t worth mentioning.


@ehomba I thought you might find this useful.

Go Ranking & Improvement Poll

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In the paper @Mulsiphix1 linked they list the IQ of their participants:

In their case there is no difference in IQ between “Baduk Expertes” and “Novices”, but on the other hand they defined expert by training duration and not skill (rank).

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I don’t think it connects.

IQ: 152
Rank after ~1 year is about: 15k-16k.

I peaked at 14k. I think IQ is overrated as a measurement predictor for most things.