Is it always within the rules to resume play after both players pass?

If both player pass multiply times they can go back and play a move, after knowing that they lose?

I’m guessing you mean where the auto-scoring has been done, but the opponent has not agreed to the score yet and then plays a move to try to tip the score in his favor. This capability exists for cases when the players cannot agree on the score (e.g., if they can’t agree whether a group is dead or in seki). Some bad sports and trolls do abuse this capability. In such cases, you should call a moderator immediately (see button on right side). The moderators are volunteers, and it may take awhile for one to arrive, but they will make a decision about who wins on the spot if it is as clear as you say.


That is not what i am saying. What i’m saying is that when all groups are definitely dead or alive, and they still go back and play after knowing that they lost.

If it doesn’t change the result of the game, how is it cheating? Perhaps you could provide an example of a game where someone behaved this way, because I don’t really understand what you are talking about.

Then obviously, the second half of my comment applies.



The system allows a player to return to play after passing for the reason explained in my previous post.

As for your particular case: this is a half-point game and you have cutting points in your wall. Also, he doesn’t know if you know how to kill a six-space box. He probably didn’t realize how close the game was, so he decided to try to win. You would still win with accurate play. His behavior might be viewed as unsporting, but I wouldn’t call it cheating. The game should not have gone to scoring in the first place.


that’s cheating anyway you look at it ! it’s like saying here is my test I turn into my teacher then two minutes later hey can I have my test back so I can finish it.

Frankly, nothing that the other player did is against the rules, and you were unnecessarily abusive to him in the chat.


Black was in the wrong they did cheat. The rule is the game is over after both player pass, Black and white pass at least two time each consecutively. The game is over, its sad black was losing, but black was really a bad loser. If black played that before passing, I would not call that cheating, but after seeing the score and was lose that is 100% cheating.

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Is this you, 13Patches17? I see that the account MOC0390 was created just a half an hour ago, I’m guessing specifically to “chime in” on this thread. Either way, I’ll chip in my opinion here, which is that your opponent wasn’t quite operating in accordance with the spirit of the rules, but was well within the letter of the law, and that you might, instead, have just laughed with him/her over his/her successful play. (Or simply killed his invasion.)

Now I’m wondering whether there’s a forum rule against creating “sock puppet” accounts.


The rule is the game is over after both player pass…

I suggest that you learn the rules. Two passes doesn’t not signify the end of the game. Two passes signifies that the game goes into scoring mode. If the players cannot agree about the life/death of the stones then normal play commences again. Importantly, the game doesn’t really end until both players agree about what’s alive/dead or there are no legal moves left to play.

There is nothing in the rules that require either player to accept the life/death of any particular group for any reason.


That is a rather complex issue, but actually it usually does. Talking about Japanese rules which are most common here AFAIK two passes signify an end of the game. If there is a dispute irl it would actually be played out on a separate board and then scored from the original position according to who was right.

The resume game option should only be reserved for special cases when there really is a dispute and not just because the losing player failed to count beforehand and does not like the result now.

It’s kind of arguing semantics but two passes end the game IMHO:D that said unless the other player was obviously malevolent about it, it should just all be possible to solve in chat. It really is kind of fine-line (as you can see by the various replys here) and if you thought the area was yours, you should be able to prove it. If you were not able to, you should learn from it. We can throw up some variations if you want.


Yes this is patches, i asked for a mod to delete my other account cause i found out someone hacked my email and get everything. This is my account to stream on twitch.

Rule 9 of the aga Ending the Game: Two consecutive passes normally signal the end of the game. After two passes, the players must attempt to agree on the status of all groups of stones remaining on the board. Any stones which the players agree could not escape capture if the game continued, but which have not yet been captured and removed, are termed dead stones. If the players agree on the status of all such groups, they are removed from the board as prisoners of the player who could capture, and the game is scored as in Rule 12. If there is a disagreement over the status of some group or groups, play is resumed as specified in Rule 10.

Rule 10 Disputes: If the players disagree about the status of a group of stones left on the board after both have passed, play is resumed, with the opponent of the last player to pass having the move. The game is over when the players agree on the status of all groups on the board, or, failing such agreement, if both players pass twice in succession. In this case any stones remaining on the board are deemed alive.

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There is a trivial solution though. Score should not be displayed before life/death statuses are agreed. The reason ddk players abuse it is they get to know actual score before agreeing.

I doubt sdks and dans especially would ever resort to this behaviour as they are well aware it’s pointless


So you have proved it yourself: it is not cheating to resume, the rules say you can resume if you disagree.

Isn’t it as simple as that?

we are not talking about a group we are talking about the score of the game. they are losing and then they went to go back and win after knowing the true score of the game.

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Maybe your opponent manipulated the system, but personally I find your comments in the game chat far more offensive than his continuing after passing.