Is it bad if we always use AI review?

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hi. I am 3k player. I always use AI review in my pc.

in this game

the black player said:

“I think it’s okay to use the AI review sometimes, and not get addicted to it. But as a trend - it’s not okay”

“I don’t like it (the trend of using AI for study). It makes it too easy. And things that make life too easy - in long term degrade the society”

what do you think?


If we just take that quote out of context for a second, it could apply to any aspect of studying Go

  • reading go books
  • getting reviews/lessons from a stronger player or even a pro player
  • doing puzzles like Tsumego

Basically any kind of study that makes you a better player you could say “makes the game easier” than if you had to figure it out all on your own without resources. To me that kind of logic doesn’t make any sense.

Back to the point of using AI to study - I like using ai to quickly review my games. It’s not always simple to get a stronger players opinion on a game, especially if you’d like it regularly and on every game. This is something one can do with AI with a good pc/gpu or with online resources like from servers.

Does it make it too easy? Nope, lots of things the ai suggests won’t be playable at my level, and I can accept that. However it can quickly point out some things that should’ve been obvious, (that Atari was no good, you could’ve lived easily with one move but you picked a bad variation, you missed a tesuji here etc)

You still have to work to learn things and try apply them in your future games in any case.

I think when you learn to use AI in a specific way it can be quite helpful.


I am in general very cautious of people who try to pass their personal preferences as universal truths.


There’s definitely merit to reviewing games without the help of AI. Personally I “sandwich” AI review between 2 rounds of human analysis (for the few games I do analyse). AI review also provides some interesting puzzles: sometimes AI claims there’s a big (+6 or so point difference) mistake/missed move that I’m not able to figure out why. Trying to understand AI’s thinking will help you choose better moves too.

Often times reviewing AI gets me into the discouraging mindset of “ideal” moves and “less-than-ideal” moves: I forget to congratulate myself on finding really (what seems to me) brilliant moves. That’s why I always start off with personal review: to identify and explore those points I thought were good/bad. Then I use AI to verify my judgement and identify new points of interest. I think AI should be more of an enhancement of the review than the central point of it. It’s also important to emphasize that one never blindly follows AI: reviewing games has to be an active process throughout.


When I review alone, I first review without assistance and then I sometimes do a second round of review with the OGS bot.

Usually I review with my opponent, though, and they often consult AI so the distinction isn’t really there.


If studying is too easy for your opponent, I’d suggest they start studying harder things :slight_smile:

However, I can see a point in that it makes you lazy: instead of trying to figure out your own mistakes and reading out how you should’ve saved / killed / ignored it (or at least attempting to do that), the AI review will immediately throw the answer in your lap. It’s easier to see your mistakes, but probably harder to internalise them and actually learn enough from them to prevent making the same mistake next game over.

My suggestion is to review your games personally, and then compare it to the AI review. Or to use the AI review to find mistakes, and then do the reading out yourself first before you consult the AI.

That said, I have to admit that I don’t follow this advice myself often enough either :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s good to advise people to do their own review first and then ai review but…

I’m sure it’s the same for a lot of us. Sometimes it’s hard enough to force myself to review once, nevermind doing two separate reviews :slight_smile: Maybe three if I need someone to explain the ai review.


On the other hand, I exclusively play correspondence, I feel like I’m already reviewing those games myself while playing.


Here is my response in meme format:

I’m like the guy in the bottom right


I’m the fourth guy, and I’m not really proud of it, reviewing games is really important for one’s progress. But when and if l start reviewing my games l wouldn’t use AI and l don’t use it at all. That is my personal choice, and l think that if you don’t intend to become strong player or if you alredy are strong player using AI could be counter productive. DDK and low SDK players usually have hard time really understanding why is AI suggesting particular move. Go is a journey, and a person should be creative, expressing oneself but is someone is so stressing about persentage at that level he is missing the point. At lower levels 10% or so doesen’t really make a big difference. But lf person really tries and learns and spots mistakes from his games he will learn better, that is at least from my teaching experience. When l tell someone about some mistake that they make they nod their head and say that they understand, but they keep making same mistakes. But when they realise themselves and fix it, same mistake rarely happen again. That is at least my opinion