Is it better to play multiple games?

Would I learn faster with a large amount of correspondence games or should I just play a few live games a day?

Live games have more immediate feedback and correspondence games can see both players at very different strength by the end compared to at the start, so I prefer live. I imagine there’s something to be said for both, though.

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In my experience, maintaining a steady amount of corr. games is great way to improve.

It’s like a snowball effect. At first things will be slow, but after you’ve built up 4, 5 or even 15 corr. games at once, the payoff will be well worth the wait.

I have to agree with @Samraku though. Unlike live, it can take days for you to play out a sequence; and thus a mistake might not click immediately for you. Or when it does, it was so disjointed it felt trivial in the end.

Anyway, it’s however you learn best.

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