Is it legal for human player using AI against human player?

Recently played against a player whose moves stand highly resemblance with KataGo’s predictions(I analyze every move he made after the game using KataGo,it turns out all of the move are either the most optimal or second optimal.)

Nothing against AI,but I think it’s really unfair when the person uses it in ranked game or tournament,is there any way I could report the person that’s running it intentionally against human?


Yes, call a moderator and report it.


You can report directly from the game itself. It appears in a menu on the right hand side of the screen on Desktop, and below the game board on mobile. The button is called “Call Moderator”.

You can see it here The game view and playing games · online-go/ Wiki · GitHub

I’m not sure if channeling the spirit of an ancient Go Master falls in a grey area (as in would it be outside assistance if the Go master was telling you moves within your own head/brain ?).


Yes, that is against the rules and you should report it to the moderators who can investigate further and determine how to handle it.

Here is the relevant rule from the terms of service

No Cheating or Computer Help

You can NEVER use Go programs (Leela, Zen, etc.) or neural networks to analyze current ongoing games unless specifically permitted (e.g., a computer tournament). The only type of computer assistance allowed is games databases for opening lines and joseki databases for corner patterns in correspondence Go. You cannot receive ANY outside assistance on live or blitz Go games.