Is it OK to discuss KGS problems?

I am trying to play go in different platform and I heard KGS is popular. I installed java first, then I tried to get into play interface but failed. What happened was on the page I could type a name to play as a “guest”, after I did as I was told, type of name in the name field, and click “guest” button, there’s nothing happen. I tthought my computer was quite messy so I refreshed the system, re-downloaded java, but same thing happened.
Anyone had similar problem and how did you fix it?
P.S., if this discussion is not welcome, please ignore and I am OK as I understand.

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It might be best to contact the KGS admins directly about your problem. You can email them at


good idea! thanks for email address!

i sent them an email and got reply shortly. Problem has been fixed! Now I can play there but I found their graphics doesn’t look as good as OGS.


We never go out of style, we never go out of style :smile:


their stones colors hurt my eyes! i am serious. feels so much better to look at interface of OGS.

KGS is gonna die.

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I wouldn’t wish death on another platform, but KGS does seem to have a shelf-life thing going on. There are problems with javascript (dire warnings about security problems) and there is just one developer doing everything.


Yeah, I find KGS isn’t too bad when you turn the stones and background to solid colors. The default white stones are just tough to look at it.

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KGS is a very nice place to play and learn Go. I’m quite sure a lot of us started to play Go online there.

Unfortunately though, stagnation means death in the fast-paced internet of today. And I’m seeing the same (negative) stagnation for KGS in the upcoming years. Just my personal opinion though.


Yeah, I’d love for OGS to replace KGS as the de facto English go server, but I think it needs matchmaking for live games before that happens. Until then I suspect that most people, like me, while enjoying correspondence games on OGS, will prefer to play their live games on KGS. Matchmaking is invaluable. Also, there are so many lecturers who are KGS based. Every person like xhu who bases their lectures on OGS would, I think, increase the number of people who stop using KGS in favor of OGS.

Not complaining, just listing the reasons I think OGS still has a ways to go before replacing KGS.


thanks for mentioning this option. i’ll give it a try. :slight_smile:

With regards to matchmaking:
KGS doesn’t have a challenge graph where you can easily find offers near your own strength.
That is because KGS doesn’t need that, it has automatch. There is the KGS way, and there is the OGS way, both with pros and cons.
Maybe you prefer one over the other, but I wouldn’t say that OGS lacks or needs automatch.


I want to point out that OGS got me back into playing the game. I used to play on KGS a long time ago, but it was far to clunky for casual play.

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