Is it posible to undo a move?

Hi. I’m here since a short time.
In the correspondence games, is it posible to undo a move? Sometimes it happened i mistake and send the move without intention. Can i correct it, by sending rhe oponent an undo petición?

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You can ask for undo by clicking the button highlighed below. It is up to your opponent whether he/she wants to grant it or not. It is in no way obligatory.

Note that undos can be “chained”. that is if one of you made a mistake two moves ago and you both want to roll the game back, you can undo several moves.


Is this API question? Or wrong category? :thinking:

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Thanks for the answers. Is it posible that “undo” button doesnt appear in the cel phone screen?

I’m sorry if this is the wrong section to ask.

It seems to be your turn in the screenshot. The undo button is only avilable after you made a move (you can’t really ask your opponent to change his move :wink: ).

If you need to undo now, your only option is to reach to your opponent and aski him/her if he/she would be so kind to undo his/her move so you could then undo yours.


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That was right! In my turn the button appeared. Thanks!