Is it possible to change nickname?

Hi everybody,

I am new here, I want ask you if it’s possible change the nickname. I’m logged the first time using the google account some days ago, and my actual nickname was created automatically (without my confirmation) selecting a part of my email address.

Yes or no? I can’t find the Help channel.

Help channel is under the “global channels” in OGS ´"chat"
I’m not sure what’s the policy is in name changes (as you could read on the other thread…)
The moderators are under pressure right now though. OGS population (so issues too) has exploded after AlphaGo news :slight_smile:

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Ok, I will look better under the global channel. I want change my nickname because:

  • it’s easy to guess my email address, so I want keep it more private;
  • I don’t like as nickname;

Yes, the AlphaGo story is very cool. But this game too, even thouth there are few simple rules the difficulty is very high.

Thank you.

If you don’t play many games, the simpliest way is to make new account.

A new account with the same email? After can I delete this account?