Is it possible to kill this group?

This position has developed on the 215th move. I did not have time to please the opponent with a move 216. He left in French. Maybe my 216 move is not the best, but I was tormented with the answer for a long time and I could not find a radical solution to destroy the opponent’s group. The lack of white stone at point A17 frustrated plans. Perhaps I lack qualifications? Is it possible to kill this group?

I don’t think it can be killed. I believe this shape—the central half-eye with the 2-stone wings—is alive.


I left a move you didn’t consider. Remember all you have to do is make 2 eyes.

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It seems to be a type of two-space notcher which Sensei’s library says is alive:

Black is alive unless some big mistake.
White can throw in at C19 but black B19 makes two eyes and takes away one white liberty. So white can’t cut at C18 because self-atari.

How do the French leave? (I’ll see myself out.)


The English say “to take French leave,” and the French say “filer à l’anglaise.” But how did this expression appear? Presumably, this phrase appeared during the Seven Years War in the 18th century in a mockery of the French soldiers who arbitrarily left the location of the unit. Then the French copied this expression, but against the British.
I wrote this because the Frenchman fled the battlefield. He did not say goodbye.


I legit imagined your opponent writing “sacré bleu” in the game chat and resigning. :yum:


He was probably invited to dinner and he immediately forgot about me. I would like to read the menu of this dinner :slight_smile:

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I think that it is definitively alive even if in A17 is present a white stone.