Is it possible to post SGF and have it be interactive here?

On life in 19 by 19 forum they customised it to allow SGF directly into the page.

This forum is much more modern but doesn’t have SGF. Can this forum be customised to allow SGF embedding directly?

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So does life in 19x19 have a plug-in on the site that embeds eidogo boards? And it looks like it uses


tags to denote where the board should be input and with what?

Something like that could be cool, but then again one can also just host a demo board on OGS and share the link here.

Another option could be to embed static boards/images with some sort of markdown like they have at board game stack exchange or senseis library.

Then again, again one could set up a demo board and take a screenshot possible instead.

Either way it would be cool to have something like either of those, even if using the main site might be encouraged instead as alternatives.

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These OGS forums used to have EidoGo board embedding enabled as well. Simply adding an SGF file to your post would embed the player to view the file. However, I think a couple of years ago this feature had to be disabled since the plugin started causing issues with the latest version of Discourse.