Is someone available to review this game ? (5k-2k)

Hello, I found this game pretty interesting, and i was wondering if someone could help me review it. I am black playing against a 2k. I got an unnecessarily weak group on the bottom right but then i managed to take a small lead I think ( I finaly lost horribly for not defending a weak group in oyose). Any comments on how I should have played in the bottom right (calmly defending was probably the option) and the fight that followed (quite strange imo) are appreciated :slight_smile:

I post a couple of observations on opening

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Thanks a lot.
Edit : Sorry i do not see where these comments are …

drifterwolf posted them in the chat of your review

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Oh right, sorry for the bother

I also put a few on your review

see you

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Thanks a lot, just clicked through it for the moment but very interesting feedback. Yeah see you in Mark5000’s study group :slight_smile:

I made one too
Sorry ahead if I missread something. It’s done quick on-the-go.

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