Is the android app still being worked on?

As the title says, is the android app still being worked on? Or is the thought that the site will work well in phone browsers in the future?

Hey filosofen,

the App is still actively being developed - And can be tested! Just contact @matburt :smiley:

And it works great, from what I hear from other testers.

Before the App will be developed to it’s full extend, we have to bring out 4.0 first though.

Great to hear! I am actually using the app, but it hasn’t been updated for about half a year, which made me wonder wether it had been put on hold. My biggest problem with playing from my phone’s browser is placing the stones, and this is not easy on the app either, since it doesn’t zoom or make stone placing easier in any way. I will just keep waiting! :smiley:

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Yeah, as a mobile phone user I know its hard to wait. :smiley:

At the moment 4.0 is just more important then the App, because it enables the API and makes the whole site kinda ‘Open Source’.

Thus, developing a good App is a lot easier, and even possible for everyone who wants to.

Thanks for your patience!