Is the OGS Android App fully developed and released yet? [closed]

Is the OGS Android App fully developed and released yet?

I dunno if you’d say “fully developed” … is any piece of software fully developed?

But it has all the important features now, and is available…


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See here for update details.

There are a few niceties missing, particularily relating to new players, but it is fully available and in my experience quite usable (for people who already know how to play).

I do not fully release it yet because then I will get a bunch of new players who, without the proper support of say a tutorial or a good score estimation tool will promptly uninstall and give it a 1-star review.

PS: I am the guy developping it and I do it in my spare time. I am not part of the OGS team.


I use the app all the time. Sure few things are missing but it works like a charm.

Thanks to the dev btw !


Smart! I wondered why … this makes perfect sense!

This app is great! I use it all the time. Since it got chat function there is nothing missing from it for me. Great work, thank you!


Good job !
because of the low power consumption (compare to browser) and the lock screen feature, i logged on the website only few times in the last year. Now i’m sad because my old 4.4.4 kitkat device is excluded.
Imho, any hardware devices that are able to run a browser should be supported, after all, Go is not a fashion game and most of players are probably not into consumerism, as i am.
do you know if v5.0 lollipop is supported ?

In the topic mentioned up, the developer already answered on that.

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As the original question has been answered, please direct all future traffic to the development thread here: Are you a developer? Want OGS on a mobile device?