Is there a 200 games limit in OGS collections? I can’t seem to be able to upload more than that

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Really? Nobody can answer this? Do I have to dive in the pits of github or just not use the sgf library?

I don’t know the answer. If you’ve hot a 200 limit, the only thing I could try do is see if I hit the same limit.

Is it 200 per folder?

I’ve definitely well over 200 games in my library spread across multiple folders, 150 ish in one, 70 in another and so on

I opened a new collection and tried to upload a zip (with admittedly a few 1000s games).

It didn’t present any error or anything, but when I check it only has 200 games.

I tried two different collections.

Is it limit per upload, per collection, per user, something else?

No idea, maybe @GreenAsJade might know.

I did download a collection of go games also, so I could do some testing in a bit, but I kind of want some tea first :slight_smile:

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So I was able to fit 206 in one folder, probably more, but when trying to upload say 199 at once, I was getting a request throttled, which probably means it’s there as some cap to stop it using up too much resources.

You might need to upload the sgfs in batches

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This probably is the explanation.

In a different context …
If I try to drag and drop more than 5 files (screen prints) to a reply, I get the following pop up.