Is there a bug in counting?

In this game black wins by 0.5 points. But I thought in japanese counting there are no points in seki. Nevertheless black got 2 points in the lower left seki.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

Well, without really studying the example, the AI that determines live/dead groups is not 100% foolproof and especially sekis can be difficult.
You should have probably changed the status of the groups manualy in scoring. That’s why it is not scored automaticly, but requires both players to agree.

Yes the score is wrong. It looks like the life/death status of the groups is marked correctly. Checking the “strict scoring” option during counting might fix this. Anyone know for sure?

Maybe it would be time to remove the automatic scoring and force people to actually mark dead stones(and dead territory) manually (if they want to get points…). Relying on this automatic thing only teaches people falsely to think that computer will do it 100% of the time. Then BOOM once in a while it doesn’t work as expected.


sounds reasonable. i would be all for it!
sadly i fear some might think it an encouragement to start an argument. even if automatic counting is unreliable and often wrong, it is still some kind of authority that helps end the game.
it can also be very useful to beginners.

Maybe a better solution would be to first use the automatic scoring function like it is now but still force both players to click on the dead stones. Like a double confirmation thing. Best of both worlds.


You guys aren’t addressing the OP’s issue. The status of the groups is correct, but the score is wrong.

Well, I am far from being an expert, but if they thought it was seki they should have changed the status to neutral and it would not been counted, right? I am seeing two points of territory marked for black there. Or am I missing something?

Well, I am quite willing to bet that that would lead to quite an increase in wrong scoring :smiley: to be honest I myself am terrible at counting unless I can physicly move the stones.

You can change the status of the points? I thought you can only change status of groups.

Edit: Aha I just tried it, you can click on territories also, to toggle them on or off.