Is there a shortcut for toggle disable AI review?

When I study a game, I need to toggle AI review frequently. I need ai review off when I am trying out a variation by my self, I need AI review on when I want the suggestions from AI. Since I need to toggle it frequently, a keyboard shortcut will be greatly helpful.

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If there is one, you can find it here: keyboard shortcuts.

I believe that page is about shortcuts for the forum and not the game?



It’s not mentioned in this, so it could become a suggestion to improve OGS experience.

That is possible. Didn’t check it. Only that there was a page with shortcuts somewhere.

If you search for "shortcuts " on the forum page, you will find 50+ results. Maybe also so ai review toggle?

I think if you find yourself needing to toggle it frequently, maybe just start a review of the game, and open the original game in another tab.

You can add your own ideas in the review and manually put in the ai variations you’re interested in.

I do this when I’m reviewing with someone else live so we can both see the variations, but also so we can share variations and not have to toggle things on and off.

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