Is there a way for white to live here?

GO White Problem UNSOLVED

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You can try this…lee9963.sgf (312 Byte)

I didn’t spent too much time on that, but just to give you the general idea. Use black weakness (cutting points) near the corner.

–Edit– No… it doesn’t work without the “collaboration” of Black… :blush:


It’s a no from me as well.

I was thinking that white might try playing at the 2-5 point (column-row from top-left corner), but then I’m not too sure about all of the variations after that. Maybe white could threaten to escape by connecting to the stones at the bottom?

Here is the game, which makes it easier to try variations

im late but black has miai as ur eye on 3-3 isnt real, so if u fix that black destroys ur potential eye space on the border, if u try to make eye on the border then black bends